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 Server Rules Forums and Ingame

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Server Owner

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PostSubject: Server Rules Forums and Ingame   Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:12 pm

Ingame Rules-Forum rules.

1. No over-the-top flaming.
I allow flaming to a certain extent then you will need to take it somewhere else.

2. Racism
Do NOT be racist to other players in any way shape or form, It's ok when you are joking around and being like "What's up nigga", You will know when you are joking or not so be careful

3. No Duping.
If you create more than two accounts they shall not interact in any way shape or form, if caught you will be automaticly ip banned.

4. No spamming.
If you begin spamming on my server i will Ip ban you no questions asked.

5. NO flooding.
Use of these programs are illegal kids think its no big deal, too bad i have a anti-flooder so if you start to flood my server will pickup the ip comming from the PROGRAM, No hotspot sheilds or any other program will not block your ip, i will get your ip and soon after file a DMCA report.

6. No cheating/ Bug abuse
If you find a bug, glitch you are to report it to the glitch section, if you abuse it you will be ip banned.

DO NOT loot other peoples kills this is a direct ban,

8. thinking about Ddosing the server?
Too bad the place i have the VPS has a state of the art anti-ddos which will snatch your IP and with my permission will be filed as a DMCA report so they can sue you Sad- Sad face.

9. Do not try to lag the server.
Your trys are pathetic, i mean come on guys you try all the time but you WILL fail.

Breaking any of these rules= Ban/ipban/Server Ban
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Server Owner

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PostSubject: Re: Server Rules Forums and Ingame   Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:24 pm

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Server Rules Forums and Ingame
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