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 im posting for admin/mod

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im posting for admin/mod Empty
PostSubject: im posting for admin/mod   im posting for admin/mod EmptyThu Apr 08, 2010 6:10 am

Ingame name: my ingame name is iseeustfu
Why should you become a ingame staff: because i have seen alot of corrupt staffs and im tired of being pushed down by mods/admins who are power crazy and therefor i want to become admin/mod to help players fairly and help server out in he best way i can.
What your skills are:finding glitches/glitchers, helping people out, finding hackers who spawn items and so on.
Are you logged on 2-3 hours a day now?: im online atleast 4 hrs a day in monday-friday but in weekens im online 10hrs or more.
Are you a good "people person?:im a very good person irl and also ingame. i will do my best to make the players happy and enjoy the game.
How old are you IRL?: im 17 irl.

Tell me in 100 words or more how you could benefit the server:?

i will help starters and they who have stuck in for example black areas.

Will you dedicate alot of your time to help people ingame?:
if i will gain this spot as admin/mod i will have alot! of time to the server to help out for a good comunity. Very Happy

best regards- iseeustfu

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im posting for admin/mod Empty
PostSubject: For it   im posting for admin/mod EmptyThu Apr 08, 2010 6:54 am

accepted, welcome Moderator S T F U.

- Maaike
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im posting for admin/mod
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