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 Mute/Ban Appeal application

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Mute/Ban Appeal application Empty
PostSubject: Mute/Ban Appeal application   Mute/Ban Appeal application EmptyWed Feb 17, 2010 3:51 pm

Before you post read this over and use the application at the bottom, if you are not a staff member do not post on others appeal threads.

We take this very serious, do not abuse this system or take advantage of it, if you do your appeal will be ejected.

Fill out the application and make a post with it, and a forums staff will let you know if you passed or not.

1.Why were you banned/muted?:
2. Who banned/Muted you?:
3.Why do you think you should be Unbanned/Unmuted?:

4.What is your ingame name?:
5. Will you go back to the way you were playing before the ban/mute?:
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Mute/Ban Appeal application
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