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 SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh!

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Junior Member

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SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh! Empty
PostSubject: SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh!   SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh! EmptySun May 02, 2010 2:16 pm

Well! Here it goes!

Whats your In-game Name?:

How old are you IRL?:

Do you consider yourself a good Rolemodel?:
Yes I do. (Sometimes):p

Would you consider youself a good "People Person":
Oh heck yes! I love being around people and I hope they love being around me. I'm funny, nice, and I just got a random personality that people adore! Smile But, if you make me mad, run. Seriously. :p But I keep a cool attitude.

In 50 words or more tell me why you would be good as a staff member?:
I love helping people out, if they're new or if they're veterans. I'm a solution solver, if there's a problem.. I'm there to help find a cure for it. I'm not new to private servers, been playing for 5 years. (I'm only 14). I like to host some in-game events (With permission) and the winner would get a prize, not a really rare prize but a prize people wouldn't be jealous of. I'm not new to staff either. I've owned my own server, been co/admin on a bunch of server including KristekScape, BloodHaven, ect., and Mod on a bunch of times on server I don't know the name of anymore. Also, I like to help out with a server, like anything new to add or any features or mini games that should be added. Things people would like/want to see when they join the server. Also, if there's a problem I can't solve I would get another staff member, and if they can't help I would get Drew or Maaike to settle the situation.

Even if I don't get this staff position I'll still help people out cause that's just my personality.(:
Also, if I do get it, I don't care what my spot is. You decide on that. Moderator, Administrator, maybe Co-Owner? It doesn't matter. As long as I can help.[:

Thank you for your time! I hope you consider me!

SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh! Taco_large

I'm a SpicyTaco
If you don't like it; that's your fault
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SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh! Empty
PostSubject: Re: SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh!   SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh! EmptyMon May 03, 2010 7:35 pm

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SpicyTaco Mod Application! Oh yeaahh!
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