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 Un-ban Pker X Tank please..

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Un-ban Pker X Tank please.. Empty
PostSubject: Un-ban Pker X Tank please..   Un-ban Pker X Tank please.. EmptyWed May 05, 2010 4:22 pm

1.Why were you banned/muted?: Not sure, idk how. i was the only one online atm then logged out..couldn't log back in, said my account was disabled.

2. Who banned/Muted you?: Idk.

3.Why do you think you should be Unbanned/Unmuted?: Didn't break any rules. Probably a glitch or something.

4.What is your ingame name?: Pker X Tank

5. Will you go back to the way you were playing before the ban/mute?: Yes
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Un-ban Pker X Tank please..
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