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 A List of items to spawn would be nice to.

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A List of items to spawn would be nice to. Empty
PostSubject: A List of items to spawn would be nice to.   A List of items to spawn would be nice to. EmptyFri May 14, 2010 4:18 pm

Your needs on Just Pking
This list should give you all your needs in my/your favorite server called Just Pking.
Bandos Chestplate- 11724
Bandos Tasset- 11726
Bandos Boots- 11728
Verac's Helm-4753
Verac's Flail- 4755
Verac's Brassard- 4757
Verac's Plateskirt-4759
Ahrim's Hood- 4708
Ahrim's Staff- 4710
Ahrim's Robetop- 4712
Ahrim's Robeskirt- 4714
Dharok's Helm- 4716
Dharok's Greataxe- 4718
Dharok's Platebody- 4720
Dharok's Platelegs- 4722
Torag's Helm-4745
Torag's Hammers- 4747
Torag's Platebody- 4749
Torag's Platelegs- 4751
Abyssal Whip- 4151
Dragonfire Shield- 11283
Armadyl Godsword- 11694
Dragon Dagger (p)- 1231
Super Strength Potion- 2440 (non noted) 2441 (noted)
Super Attack Potion- 2436 (non noted) 2437 (noted)
Super Defence Potion- 2442 (non noted) 2443 (noted)
Prayer Potion- 2434 (non noted) 2435 (noted)
Cooked Manta Ray- 391 (non noted) 392 (noted)
Air Rune- 556
Water Rune- 555
Earth Rune- 557
Fire Rune- 554
Mind Rune- 558
Chaos Rune- 562
Death Rune- 560
Blood rune- 565
Astral rune- 9075
Fire Cape- 6570 (bought with 40 kills)
All void knight bought with 70 kills
Void Knight Top- 8839
Void Knight bottom- 8840
Void Knight Mage Helm- 11663
Void Knight Ranger Helm- 11664
Void Knight Meele Helm- 11665
Rune C Bow- 9185
Dark Bow- 11235
Magic Bow- 861/859
Rune Arrows- 892
Dragon Arrows- 11212
Black D'hide Body- 2503
Black D'hide Chaps- 2497
Black D'hide Vambs- 2491
Ava's Accumulator- 10499
Archer Helm- 3749
Master Wand- 6914
Infinity Top- 6916
Infinity Hat- 6918
Infinity Bottom- 6924
Infinity Boots- 6920
Infinity Gloves- 6922
All these numbers are id numbers in witch u spawn in the game.
Just helping your servers people
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A List of items to spawn would be nice to.
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